Who to contact when someone dies

At Silver Dove Funerals, we understand that it can be difficult to remember who to call following the death of someone close.

Use the resources on this page as a guide or call us  directly if you have any questions


There are people outside of friends and family who need to be notified straight away, and that depends on where your loved one has passed and under what circumstances. Below is a simple guide to help you contact the right people first.

Following the immediate notifications, there will be other numerous contacts that will need to be notified in due course, so we have created a simple checklist to help you identify those parties at the bottom of this page, that you can print off and work your way through.

Who to Contact straight away

If someone passes away At Home

If your loved one who has passed has been under the care of a Doctor for the last few months then you should make contact with that doctor as soon as possible. If the passing was expected to happen, then they will register the death and issue you a Medical Cause of Death Certificate which will confirm the cause.

If you contact us straight away, we will organise the transfer of the deceased person back to our funeral home. In the situation where the death was unexpected and the person hadn’t seen a Doctor in the last few months, then you will need to notify the police by giving them a call


If it is a Sudden or Accidental Death

When death happens accidentally or suddenly the Police need to be notified by either the family Doctor or directly by the family. In this situation, the Police will make arrangments with a Government contracted undertaker to transfer the deceased person to Coroner’s Mortuary Facilities.

Once this has been completed you can then contact us as your designated Funeral Director so that we may organise the required release documentation and transfer of the deceased to our Funeral Home. In some cases, there can be delays whilst a Coroner finishes their paperwork with regards the cause of death, but this is where Silver Dove Funerals will take control of the process for you to ensure you know what is happening at all times.


When Death Occurs at a Nursing Home

If your loved one passes away while they are a resident of an Aged Care or Nursing home, either a Registered Nurse or the Director of Nursing at the facility will make contact with the Doctor and contact your nominated Funeral Director.

Here at Silver Dove Funerals, we will then liaise between all parties to take care of the transfer of your loved one to the Funeral Home. Silver Dove Funerals provide a twenty-four hour, seven days a week service to help you anytime day or night so call us as soon as you feel you can.


Death In A Hospital

When a person dies in the care of a Hospital, the resident Doctor who was present before the passing will provide a Medical Cause of Death Certificate.

In this case, it will be the Hospital that organises the transfer and the required documentation but they will request that you contact us as your Funeral Director so we can then organise and manage the transfer with the Hospital of the deceased to into our care.


If a loved one dies Overseas or Interstate

It can be highly stressful when someone dies interstate or overseas. Your loved one needs to be transported home and whether it is abroad or within Australia the first thing to ensure is that the deceased is transferred to a place of care and safety.

This situation may seem daunting but that’s why it is important to contact us as quickly as possible so we can explain the steps of what has to be done and how we will organise the safe return of your loved one.

Who to Notify Next – Your Checklist

Once you have first notified the correct people above, there will be a whole host of other parties such as insurers, banks, solicitors, accountants etc that will need to be notified in the event of someone’s death. 

To help, we have created a simple 1-page checklist that you can print off and work through to ensure no important contact has been missed. 

 Click on the button below to get your copy of the checklist. Remember you are not alone in this and we are available to answer your questions and to help guide you through the necessary steps during this challenging time. At any stage you can call us on (07) 3279 5388

Silver Dove Funerals provides grief and loss services support line to all our families. If you or anyone you know is in need of help in dealing with a loss, a list of support groups is provided and may be able to assist you. Whilst we support the service providers we do not affiliate ourselves with any particular group. This list is provided as assistance only

Support networks and useful links that you may need to use at the time of someone’s passing.

Sands - (Free) Help and counselling for miscarriages, stillborn and newborn deaths

Call: 1300 072 637

Lifeline - (Free) Support, help and counselling 24/7

13 11 14

Parentline - Parental support 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm

1300 301 300

Beyond Blue - (FREE) Help for anxiety and depression 24/7

1300 224 636

Kids Help Line - Help and for kids and young people from 5-25 years of age, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

1800 55 1800

Salvation Army Care Line - (FREE) compassionate support around the clock seven days a week

1300 363 622

Mens Line - (FREE) Counselling for boys and men twenty four hours, seven days a week

1300 789 978

Homicide Support - (FREE) Around the clock support service for persons who have lost someone to a homicide

1800 774 744