Have you recently decided that you’d like to be cremated rather than buried when the time comes? This is a pretty big decision to make, and it can be difficult to bring up with family members. There is a chance that your friends or family may not agree with your decision; in which case, there are some steps you can take to try and get everyone on the same page.

Try and understand why they disagree with your decision

It’s important to try and understand where your friends or family are coming from when they tell you they don’t agree with your decision. While they may have some good reasoning from their perspective, they could just also feel overwhelmed by the topic. Try and answer any questions they have in a detailed manner so they have as much information as possible to try and help them come to terms with your choice. Allowing everyone to have an open conversation about your decision to be cremated can help them better understand by asking questions and raising any concerns they may have.

Explain why you want to choose cremation

By giving your friends and family an explanation behind your decision, they may be able to better understand why you’ve chosen cremation. While they may have religious, cultural, or personal reasons as to why they think you shouldn’t be cremated, you may have reasons as to why you should – it’s important to get this all out on the table. Be clear and in-depth with your reasons, and show them that you’ve put a lot of thought into this decision.

Ask them to consider seeing things from your perspective

While having an open conversation probably isn’t going to be an immediate fix, getting everyone to see and try to understand your perspective will hopefully help them come around to accepting your choice. Give them some space, be patient, and let your friends and family take in the information and process it; in due time you may see them start to reconsider their opinion and come to accept it. Try not to bring up the topic very often, but do try to make sure they have all the information they need to think it through.

Ultimately, the decision to be cremated is yours and only yours. If you have friends or family that still disagree with your decision after they have had time to process and ask questions, their opinion should not affect your choice. While it might be difficult to go against your friends and family’s wishes, you should always choose what is best for yourself. If you have decided on cremation, Silver Dove Funerals offer a range of urns, jewelry, and keepsakes for your to choose from.

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