The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many significant changes in nearly every aspect of our lives, including altering the the grieving process of our loved ones which consequently has highlighted the benefit of smaller funerals. One of the most notable changes has been in the size and scope of funeral services. In the past, funerals were often large and public affairs, with many people gathering to pay their respects to the deceased. However, due to the pandemic, many people have had to say goodbye to their loved ones in much smaller and more intimate settings. Despite the difficulties brought on by the pandemic, Australians have now recognised the benefit of smaller funerals to say their goodbyes.

The benefit of smaller funerals should not be underestimated. While large funerals may have provided a sense of closure and community support in the past, the circumstances of COVID-19 in the past have made it difficult to achieve this. However, in smaller services, families and close friends can come together to grieve and celebrate the life of their loved one in a more personal and meaningful way. The more intimate setting allows for a more personal and reflective experience, and it can help the bereaved to process their emotions in a more comforting environment.

One of the other significant ways that COVID-19 has changed the grieving process is the need for virtual funerals. With restrictions on the number of people allowed to attend in-person services, many families have turned to online streaming services to allow friends and family from all over the world to attend the funeral remotely. While not ideal, this has allowed many people to participate in the grieving process who would have otherwise been unable to attend.

In conclusion, while the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges, it has also highlighted the benefit of smaller funeral services. These services provide a more personal and reflective experience for the bereaved and allow them to process their emotions in a more meaningful and intimate way. Ultimately, the pandemic has shown us that the grieving process is a deeply personal and individual experience, and that we must find ways to support and care for one another in new and innovative ways.

Here at Silver Dove Funerals, we have adapted our services to these current and changing trends of families prioritising and understanding the benefit of smaller funerals. Thus, for funeral gatherings of up to 12 attendees we are proud to offer an intimate setting at our Silver Dove premises known as our ‘Small Chapel’ (see pictured below). This space is a beautiful, small and intimate setting for families wishing to honour your loved one in private with close family and friends. You can find out more about our ‘Small Chapel’ and other funeral services here. Feel free to contact us for any information here.


the benefit of smaller funerals
the benefit of smaller funerals