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Cremations have become more popular in recent times. If cremation is preferred, our Brisbane funeral directors can arrange all the necessary details with the crematorium of your choice. Most crematoriums have a chapel that may be used for the service and often catering facilities are available if the family wish.

Children And Baby Services

We will help you organise a funeral service for a beloved baby or child during this challenging and emotional time. We can offer dignified ceremonies and tributes, and we will go out of our way to ensure a unique and exceptional service that is loving and memorable. There is a range of memorial options to choose from, including candles, foot and handprints, personalised books, urns and dove or butterfly releases during the memorial service. No request is too much, and you are not alone with this.

Returned Service Men/Women And Masonic Lodge/Clubs

It is our honour to assist with a memorable tribute to our hero veterans as we are saying goodbye to those who gave so much more than what was asked of them. Our servicemen and servicewoman deserve a commemorative and respectful farewell that aligns with their wishes and beliefs. We can arrange for the appropriate service representatives and chaplain and meet the special requests of every family member.

Eco-Friendly options

It is becoming more frequent that people and their loved ones are choosing a greener, more refined farewell using a coffin from our Eco-Friendly range. Silver Dove Funerals provide ‘Eco Coffins‘ made by natural products, which are more environmentally friendly. Our team will always try to source the best ways to provide you with a Greener Funeral so you can say farewell in a more natural manner.


Burial is a traditional option and a personal preference. Occasionally a family may already have a plot reserved, but in most circumstances where a new plot is required, we can make the entire arrangements for you. We can advise you on suitable cemetery locations across southeast QLD, including finding a burial plot or crypt to suit your every wish and budget.

Memorial Only

Often the presence of a coffin can be overwhelming and stressful for the family. If required, we can assist with organising the cremation of a loved one, collecting the ashes on your behalf and arranging a memorial service only without the stress of traditional service.


Often a loved one’s remains are required to be repatriated or sent overseas to their original land of birth. Alternatively, they may need to be returned to Australia from another country. If any particular wishes have been pre-planned in advance, it can significantly assist the family with funeral arrangements. Either way, our experienced staff can attend to all your requirements and deal with any respective authorities along the way.

Cultural Service

We understand that each and every culture has a special tradition and a way of saying goodbye. Let us understand exactly what is required so that we can create the perfect ceremony that matches the values and beliefs you need. We will cater to every little detail to ensure that the passing of a loved one is a memorable experience. We will be happy to assist you with funeral arrangements during this time and help find the right solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we received. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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Are you registered?

Yes, we are registered.

What are your eco-friendly options?

Silver Dove Funerals is proud to provide an alternate option of funeral services across South East Queensland. We are one of a boutique selection of funeral homes in South East Queensland who offer an eco-green funeral service incorporating a selection of woven cane, seagrass and woollen coffins and caskets. A selection is available on our website.

What if my family would like to officiate the funeral service?

We encourage family value through any funeral service. Although we must be aware that certain venues have very strict time frames, we encourage family involvement as much as we can. We endeavour to make everyone feel a part of this very special time to say goodbye to their loved ones. Particular venues can be used for longer more relaxed service times.

Do i still need to have a full funeral service?

No. It is often the wish of the deceased to not have a service and perhaps have a small intimate memorial service within the family circle or alternately there may not be many families able to attend. Regardless of the circumstance, Silver Dove Funerals will provide a no service, no attendance farewell on your behalf and return the ashes to your family for safe keeping.

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What if we want a different service?

We are very happy to help create the service of your special choosing whether it is a green or alternate theme; each funeral is a unique personal farewell and should be celebrated as your loved one and family wish. When planning a funeral, the chosen service will have subtle differences to reflect the individual more appropriately and we are here to assist you on that journey.

What is cheaper, burial or cremation?

Whilst burials have always been the traditional farewell option, cremations have risen in popularity due to their affordability. More crematoriums have opened making cremation services more widely accessible. There is also no gravesite required like there is with a burial so the cost is generally lower.

How long can we wait to have a funeral service?

There is no specific time frame allocated from the moment of death to the funeral service, however, a funeral service is usually carried out within a few days to a week of the passing. The circumstances surrounding the cause of death, if unexpected can often delay the process.

What costs are involved?

Funeral costs will vary depending on your needs and requirements. There are many options available for your selection and this will determine the final pricing. We are able to assist with all aspects in order to provide you and your family with a fitting tribute.

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