Often times, when our family meets with another family to arrange the Funeral Service for their loved one, it will come to the time at our meeting to select a coffin. This is one of the most difficult decisions that a family will make, as this is the decision is what their loved one will be laid to rest in – it will be one of the main aspects of the Funeral Service that they remember.

There are many choices and variables when it comes to choosing a coffin – Different colours, sizes, materials, designs and even accessories.

Our family source the most viable, safe and quality coffins from right here in Brisbane. Our full range of Coffins & Caskets can be found here.

Custom Coffins

Our family have our own in-house designer, Luke Newman, who specially designs unique and visually engaging coffins that reflect the life, love and legacy of your loved one.

The options of Custom Coffin designs are innumerable. Luke has often said that designing a coffin is “like designing from a blank canvas and it is truly amazing to see our designs being manufactured in such a unique way that is visually stimulating for families with pictures and mementos of their loved one and their memory

We recently had the opportunity to design a unique Queensland State of Origin Coffin, that is remarkable to look at and is only just the start of our creative abilities.

Traditional Coffins

Many people, especially older generations are familiar with the traditional look of Coffins & Caskets. Traditional coffins are still and will always remain a great choice for families, laying their loved one to rest.

Eco-Friendly Coffins

Perhaps you or your loved one are environmentally conscious and you wish to honour that aspect of them through their Funeral Service. Our family have sourced unique eco-friendly options for coffins and caskets. You can view our full range of eco-friendly coffins here.

Different Sizes

People come in all different shapes and sizes and with this in mind, we make sure that we are able to source our coffins and caskets to cater for people of all sizes.

Obviously, for those people who may be built a little larger, we supply you with, what we call, an “Oversize” coffin for the Funeral Service. Whilst we make every attempt to ensure that our larger sized coffins always remain available for our families, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all coffins will be available in all sizes.

The Choice Is Yours

Ultimately, the choice is yours. We have supplied various links for you to browse our range that we have available, however, if you have any unique ideas or have any questions, we encourage you to contact us and ask the question. We are always available for a cuppa and a chat with you and your family to discuss your options.