To deal with the death of a loved one is always going to be difficult, and you might find that you ask yourself a lot of questions that you may not have the answers to as you grieve. Some of these questions might include “why has this happened?” or, “how am I supposed to move on?”. While every loss is different and we can’t provide exact answers to these questions for you, we’re here to try and give some insight on why you might be asking yourself these questions, and hopefully help to lead you in the right direction to answer them yourself. 

Everyone responds to grief differently, and will most likely be asking themselves different questions, but here are some of the most commons ones we see – 

Why do I feel like I’ll never get over this loss?
Unfortunately, loss is not something that can be fixed. “Getting over it” is more so a task of adapting and learning to live with the differences rather than something that you overcome. Right now, it may not feel like you’ll ever be able to move on, but as time passes and you learn to adjust you will find that you will slowly allow yourself to keep moving forward. 

Why don’t I feel better yet?
Losing a close friend or family member isn’t like breaking a bone – it’s not something that can be “repaired”. There’s no set amount of time it will take for you to feel better. Let yourself grieve as long as you need to, and slowly, yet surely, you will begin to heal.

How do I start to move on?
The grieving process will be different for every person, depending on how you process your emotions. This isn’t something you can rush or something that will happen in a day or two. We suggest if you’re comfortable with it, to have an open and ongoing conversation with people close to you about how you’re feeling about this loss. It’s important to allow yourself to feel your emotions throughout the grieving process rather than keeping them bottled up inside. Allow your friends and family to be there for you, and most importantly – remember that it’s okay to be upset. We can sometimes try and put on a brave front around other grieving friends or family, but not allowing yourself to show and discuss how you really feel can slow down the grieving process. 

Why Choose Silver Dove
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