Funeral Stationery

Orders of Service are a unique item that we create for you and your loved one’s service. These are custom created and one of a kind. These are often distributed at the Funeral and given to those attending. More often than not, it contains the Order of the Service with images of your loved one and a designated theme. The theme is designed around the interests, hobbies and other information that you provide us about your loved one. From these ideas, we create something truly unique for everyone to take home after the funeral.

Our custom designed Service books means that when we create these memorial items for you, you are assured that it is genuinely one of a kind – No other family will have the same design produced for them as we create for you. The designs that we use are emulated throughout the entire memorial items that you choose, including the Photographic Tribute, Memorial Cards and Photo Books.

We often conduct the last burial rites through our local churches, meaning families usually opt for a requiem mass in honour of their loved one. We then create mass booklets for you, which is similar to the normal service booklets, however, hold a lot more content and generally require 6 – 8 pages to be complete. Mass booklets can often contain more images, stories, poems, prayers and readings.