Beautiful Floral Tributes

Each floral tribute that we arrange is unique and different in their own way. We work closely with a locally renowned florist to provide us with fresh, vibrant and the highest quality floral arrangements. Your choice of blooms and colours will be selected when we meet to complete the funeral arrangements.

Casket Sprays are designed to sit on top of the coffin during the Funeral Service. Most families usually opt for a Medium size that is not too small and not too large also. Following the Funeral Service, families are encouraged to either take them home, leave them at the grave site or our Family will happily donate them to a local nursing home or charity in your loved one’s memory.

Do not be thrown by the name of these arrangements, as these arrangements can be used any where. Usually these arrangements are placed at the front of the Church, chapel, hall or venue – either side of the coffin and often replicate the look and style of the Casket Spray. They are made from a bowl which allows the arrangements to stand tall at the venue.

Select from a range of beautiful flowers