Chapels & venues

Choosing the right venue for a Funeral Service can sometimes be a hard decision to make. We have given you a few pictures of local venues which are used for the purpose of Funeral Services and Memorial Services. As we cater for services in the greater Brisbane and wider surrounding areas, we are able to provide a service for your loved one in your venue of choice. If you need anymore information about these venues, please contact us on (07) 3279 5388.

Modern Funerals Chapels host services to include live streaming for those that are unable to attend suitable for overseas friends and family along with a recording of the service as a keepsake. Generally, Funeral Chapels are non-denominational meaning that anyone and everyone can use these chapels.

If you are a member of your local church, we encourage you to talk to the Parish Minister to check availability of your church venues before making your decisions. You are encouraged to also do this if you would like a minister to preside over the funeral.

Outdoor venues can be a really special way to make a Funeral Service really unique. Obviously there are some factors that need to consider before deciding on an outdoor service such as Seating, Sound (for music), weather, etc.

Alternative venues allow you to really personalise the way a Funeral is conducted. Using venues such as Wedding Chapels, Bush Chapels, or even your own property or backyard can certainly make a Funeral Service more memorable.

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