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Silver Dove Funerals understand that value for money is as important as the warmth, compassion and dignity required to care for your loved one.

We have developed a cost structure enabling you to tailor the service and products to suit your families needs. This selection process will keep costs to a minimum whilst maintaining the highest quality of care and guarantee to an exceptional end of life service.

Guide to Funeral Service Costs

Funeral services vary greatly in complexity, length and cost depending on the families wishes. Silver Dove Funerals schedule of costs is provided as a guide for standard costs that would apply to either a Cremation Service or a Burial Service. From the selection of costs you can simply “Pick & Choose” the items to meet your needs for the funeral service and family budget.

Below we have created a guide to help you understand your pricing options and the typical costs associated with Brisbane funerals.


Some families choose not to have a Funeral Service. This term is commonly referred to as a ‘No Service No Attendance Funeral’.

We provide a transfer service to our private care facility where our experienced staff prepare for the cremation in a respectful and dignified way.

Following the Cremation, we register the death with Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State where the death occurred. We receive the Certificate approximately 7 to 8 working days after the registration. We collect the ashes and the death certificate and contact you to arrange delivery.


This can follow a ‘No Service’ Funeral, or be an entirely seperate event.

A memorial service would include the following: A Chapel (optional), a Celebrant, Flowers, Set-up as required, music and photo presentation, a live streaming link (where available).

Additional items to consider are: Orders of Service, Ash Container (Urn) and Catering.


    Funeral services vary greatly in complexity, length and cost depending on the families wishes.

    Silver Dove Funerals schedule of costs is provided as a guide for standard costs that would apply to either a Cremation Service or a Burial Service.

    From the selection of costs you can simply “Pick & Choose” the items to meet your needs for the funeral service and family budget.


    As one of the few remaining family-operated funeral homes, we know that it’s essential to keep costs to a minimum whilst still providing a high level of service.

    At Silver Dove, we assist you by working through each item to ensure your wishes are met and those of your family. To further assist we have included a range of complimentary items for our families.

     Complimentary Items – Full Service:

    • Service Music: Usually 3 x pieces chosen by the family.
    • DVD Photographic Tribute – (50 photos for 1 song)
    • Funeral Notice – Silver Dove Funerals website.
    • Order of Service personalised design.
    • Memorial books – with inscribed service details.
    • Collection and arrange for the return of the ashes and death certificate.
    • Live Streaming – (where available at the venue).


    Silver Dove Funerals provide services at all cemeteries and crematoriums in South East Queensland. Some venues vary in price.


      At Silver Dove Funerals we provide your family with professional expertise, guidance, warmth, compassion and time to guarantee an exceptional end-of-life experience. The listed items are typically required and are combined into one, called the “Professional Fee”. Please note: For a cremation where there is no funeral service held, our professional fee is significantly reduced reflecting the reduction in the demand for our services.

      Items include:

      • Provision of a transfer service to our private care facility during business hours and accomodation.
      • Meet with the family to personalise all details to ensure that all arrangements and wishes are met.
      • Coordination and arrangement of the service with the chosen Chapel, Church, Cemetery or Crematorium.
      • Coordinate and arrange for the family to meet with the chosen Celebrant or Church Clergy.
      • Organising catering, flowers, musicians, and any third-party services if required.
      • Placing funeral notices in various newspapers if required.
      • Provision of all staff and hearse transportation on the day of the funeral. Note: we do not charge additional fees for transport from our facility to the service or for double or Chapel/Church to Burial split services.
      • Registration of death with the Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages.
      • Filing of any other necessary paperwork.
      • Liaising with all necessary authorities on behalf of the family.
      • Collection of the ashes from the Crematorium (if required) and arrange for the delivery.
      • On receipt of the death certificate, arrange for the delivery.


      These will depend on your selection of items as per the list below:

      • Type of service – cemetery fees vary between choice of service; burial or cremation.
      • Chapel, Church or Crematorium fees – Varies depending on the service location. – Click here for a link to the “Brisbane City Council Cemeteries Crematorium & Chapel Fees”. – Independent & privately owned cemetery, crematorium & chapel fees can be provided on request.
      • Memorial service requirements.
      • Choice of Coffin or Casket – We offer a wide range of coffins and caskets including, Eco hand-woven cane or bamboo styling to natural timber and polished veneer.
      • Floral Arrangements – A wide choice of size, style, colours and blooms (seasonal) are available.
      • Orders Of Service – Orders of service incorporate the service format & details, important photos, poetry and/or a tribute backed by a personal theme. The design of the booklet is complimentary.
      • Memorial Books – A beautiful bound signing book in a choice of colours: white, silver, graphite & burgundy inscribed with the service details.
      • Newspaper Death Notices.
      • Celebrant / Clergy / Officiant.

      Call us directly to discuss a tailored quote to suit your needs:

      Our ‘Serenity Chapel’ – For small gathering services

      For gatherings of up to 12 attendees we are proud to offer an intimate setting at our Silver Dove premises. 

      You may request a celebrant or simply gather with family and friends to honour your loved one in a private, well-styled ‘small chapel’ room

      Music and photo tribute equipment is available. 

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      Common Questions About Costs

      How much are Cremation Costs?

      As a guide, cremations cost less than a burial as there is typically no gravesite. Cremation can vary between $2400 and $7000 depending on the funeral package chosen plus any specific personal needs.

      Many people inquire about cheap cremations for numerous personal reasons. All low-cost budget funerals we provide are uncomplicated yet dignified.

      If you would like to discuss your needs and wishes around tailoring a service to suit your budget, please give us a call to get a quote or send an email to:

      How much are Burial Costs?

      Burial costs vary from a budget of $5600 upwards. The cost is largely dependant on;

          1. Whether the family owns an existing burial plot or has to purchase one.
          2. The coffin or casket type.
          3.  The choice of a headstone and/or gravestone
          4. The type of service and memorial options.

      Silver Dove Funerals will discuss your needs and wishes with you and will tailor the service to suit your budget. For more information on burial costs, please call our office on (07) 3279 5388

      How Much are Pensioner Funerals?

      There is help available for pensioner funerals. The federal government’s department of human resources does provide services and financial support to those that qualify. Likewise, Centrelink may provide financial help for partners of a pensioner who has passed by paying up to 14 weeks pension or a pensioner bonus bereavement payment to those who qualify. You can call Centrelink on 132 300 to find out more information. Partners of Veterans may also be eligible through the Department of Veterans Affairs for once-off payments and other benefits. For more information please contact your local Centrelink office for assistance.

      What Is Funeral Assistance?

      Funeral assistance is available if a person has passed away in QLD and has no family member or friends capable or willing to pay. In this circumstance, the Department of Justice and Attorney General can make the arrangements on behalf of the deceased under the CCQ Funeral Assistance Scheme where the upfront costs will be paid.

      At Silver Dove Funerals, our family spends the time to care for every person and their family regardless of the situation. We do so with the utmost care, professionalism, and respect.

      Choosing Silver Dove Funerals to care for your loved one places a tremendous amount of honour and privilege on our family. We endeavour to conduct our care and services faithfully with your best interests and needs at heart.

      Silver Dove Funerals are proud to place a natural guarantee on the quality of care and service provided to you by our family, as backed by our many years of professional experience and hundreds of families who have chosen our family to care for them in our time of need.

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