Planning Your Loved Ones Funeral 1

When we lose a loved one, the process can be very traumatic, and the thought of having to plan an entire funeral service may be the last thing on our mind.

It is important that you do not have to feel rushed to quickly plan a funeral, and that the timing of the service is completely up to you.

Making funeral arrangements are nearly impossible to do alone and knowing who to turn to first is a very important first step.

But be sure to give yourself enough time to absorb the enormity of your loss before you rush into making any funeral arrangements.

Delaying a funeral service to allow yourself and your family more time to grieve is okay and is becoming an increasingly common practice. So, don’t be worried about having to prepare a whole ceremony within the matter of days.

The funeral service in fact occupies a significant place in the grieving process, so the planning should be done with care and thought – this means, contacting your Funeral Directors when you are ready to have that conversation.

At Silver Dove Funerals, our Funeral Directors are your compassionate guides to lead you every step of the way to help create a uniquely personalised service that your loved one deserves.

Arranging a funeral service always starts with questions – and there is no such thing as asking too many of them.

Don’t worry if you have no idea where to start, your Funeral Directors are there to help you get through the process.

Once you have the general questions answered like what type of funeral service you would like to have, you can then get into the finer details – dates and times, order of service, flowers, music, and such.

Each funeral is unique and personal to your families and loved one. It is important to always remember that what you do or don’t do is not a reflection of how much you love them.

At Silver Dove, we understand that funeral arrangements can be very costly, which is why we have many choices suitable for all budgets.