Planning A Funeral

We will guide you through all the steps to help create a uniquely personal and beautiful funeral to honour your loved one’s life

Plan 1

Planning a funeral in Brisbane can seem a little daunting and overwhelming, especially during a time of great emotional stress and grief.

Our goal as a family-focussed funeral home is to take away the burden, bring guidance and support to your family to help you achieve the perfect goodbye for your loved one.

In some cases, your loved one or relatives may have opted for a pre-arranged funeral ahead of time, in which case we will coordinate with you and facilitate the written details of those wishes.

If there were no prior planning (which is quite normal), we would take you through the available options to help you arrange the perfect funeral within your budget.

If the passing has just occurred, there will be immediate actions you need to take and authorities that need notifying. You can find out more on our page about what to do when someone dies

Arranging a Funeral Ceremony Starts With Questions


Below are the top questions you can ask yourself first. The answers will assist the funeral planner with the funeral arrangement process and help narrow down the decisions you need to make.

  1. What type of service?
  • Non attended – Also called a direct committal, where there is no service or attendees.
  • Single – The funeral happens in a single location, such as a church or chapel, with no subsequent procession to the crematorium or cemetery.
  • Dual – Beginning in the church or chapel and ending with a final committal ceremony in the crematorium, gravesite, or other location.
  • Gravesite – This is when the entire service takes place at the gravesite.
  • Memorial – There is no coffin present or when the cremation or burial has already occurred.
  • Private – Funerals that are not publicised and attended by invitation only are called private funerals.
  • Veteran – A special tribute is performed, symbolising the deceased’s sacrifice and time in the military.
  • Masonic – A representative from the masonic lodge will be present to convey a special mention.

2. What area in Sth East Qld should the funeral be held?

3. Is there a preferred church, chapel, or something less traditional such as a park, gardens, beach, or private location?

4. Will it be a religious or non-religious ceremony? 

5. Will the funeral ceremony be performed by a priest, celebrant, or someone else?

6. Are there special requests you would like to include?

7. How many people will attend?

8. Will there be a reception, gathering, or Wake after the service?

9. Would you, the deceased’s family or friends wish to view your loved one before?

10 Will it be a cremation or a burial?

If Cremation:

  • Is there a crematorium you prefer?
  • What will be done with the Ashes?
  • Scattered at a specific location
  • Memorial Garden
  • Kept within an Urn at home
  • Kept within a cremation keepsake, jewellery, or something else

If Buried:

  • Do you have a cemetery in mind?
  • Is there already a gravesite set aside?
  • Will it be a coffin, casket, or Crypt?

Organise the finer details


Once the main points above are decided, we will help you organise the finer details. Most of the options below are not compulsory, and you can decide whether to include them or not, depending on the type of service and your budget for funeral costs. Some items do not have a price associated with them but require confirmation.

  • Dates and timing (Required)
  • Type of Coffin, Casket, Crypt or Urn (Required)
  • Tombstone or Gravemarker and tribute (Required)
  • Flowers
  • Photos for Tribute
  • Order of Services
  • Funeral Notices
  • Memorial booklets, prayer & thankyou cards
  • Cremation plaque
  • Cremation keepsakes
  • Catering options
  • Music for the service
  • Pallbearers
  • Vehicles & Transport
  • Readings, Prayers, and special messages
  • Eulogies to be delivered

Compulsory items, such as caring for the deceased, transferring the remains, liaising with the appropriate authorities, organising the death certificate, will be managed by our team.

Each funeral is unique and very personal, and it’s always important to remember that what you do or don’t do isn’t a reflection of how much you loved them.

There are many choices suitable for all budgets, so it’s best to discuss your options with experienced funeral planners like Silver Dove Funerals. When you need to plan a funeral in Brisbane, we will be here to help, support and guide you through.

We’ve helped hundreds of Queensland families plan the perfect farewell for a loved one. If you would like help or have any questions then call us on (07) 3279 5388 or send us a message

Pre Planned Funerals


Most people plan well ahead for the big things in life such as buying a house, organising a holiday, or even a wedding.
While it’s not pleasant to think about, pre-planning a funeral for yourself or a loved one is a highly thoughtful thing to do.

Having the funeral service details organised and budget in place well in advance goes a long way to eliminating unnecessary stress or anxiety for family members.

How a Pre-Arranged Funeral Works

The process for pre-arranging a funeral is similar to organising any funeral, but you have the choice to confirm all the details now, or just the main items. The details are recorded by us and securely stored away, ready for when they are needed. If you need to change the plans, you can get in touch anytime, and we will update the records.

    Is Payment Required?

    You don’t need to pay for a pre-arranged funeral until it’s time for the funeral service. However, if you would like to ensure it’s within budget and prices are locked in advance, then you can look at a prepaid funeral which we can take you through.

    Pre-arranging a funeral will provide plenty of options to think about, but there are significant benefits in doing so

      When is the best time

      You can pre-plan funerals weeks, months, or even years in advance. If someone has a terminal illness, having the funeral planned well in advance can relieve pressure, allowing the focus to be on living rather than passing.


        The most significant benefit to a pre-planned funeral is that it takes away the stress on family members having to organise one while they are dealing with their grief. Other benefits include:

        • You eliminate second-guessing as to what you may or may not have liked
        • Ensuring your exact wishes are carried out
        • If the funeral is prepaid, you relieve the family from any last-minute financial burden
        • It’s flexible; you can make changes at any stage

          Each year, hundreds of people in Brisbane choose to pre-plan their funeral. If you would like to discover the options available to you or one of your loved ones, please chat with Ada or Michael from Silver Dove Funerals today.

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