Memorial Options

At Silver Dove Funerals, we have personally sourced the materials below in order to provide you and your family with an unforgettable tribute to your loved one. We think its important to enhance your loved one’s memory and we believe the options we have available are suitable for that purpose. Below is our range of memorial options that we currently have available, however, if you have a special request please don’t hesitate to contact our office to check the availability on those services

funeral service memorabilia

When planning a funeral, many families wish to have items present at a funeral service so that their friends and family can take something home and treasure it. Silver Dove Funerals offers a range of service memorabilia items for families to select. From magazine quality printed orders of services, thank you cards, book marks and prayer cards. 

order of services

An order of service is generally a landscaped orientated A4 page which is double sided and folded. This booklet will have the order of the funeral service inside, and with either a poem, letter or prayer of your choosing. With high definition picture backgrounds, we ensure that each selection of orders of service, prayer card, thank you card or book mark are personal and unique. We offer a complimentary personalised design service. The only cost is based on the number of copies provided. The minimum order is 25.

photographic tribute

‘They say a picture paints a thousand words’

A photographic tribute compilation of family photographs and special music, can often tell the story and celebrate the life with more expression than words. We know that often people find it very difficult to express their grief and emotions and have found that a photographic tribute to be a comforting memory. With approximately 50 special memories in the form of photographs, we construct a personal tribute for you and your family of your loved one accompanying a special tune that you and the family may select, or we can provide a fitting song for you.

Silver Dove Funerals is proud to be able to offer this complimentary personalised service to families.

unique bereavement bears

We are happy to be associated with the ‘Eddy Bear Company’, a local business that provides unique and special bereavement bears for those experiencing grief and loss. A personal and cuddly friend is made especially for you and your family in memory of your loved one. Unfortunately, when we lose someone special in our lives, we also lose the opportunity to hold them in our arms once more.

The Bereavement Bear allows you to hold close and remember your loved one on a more personal level. The Huggable Teddy Bear urn can contain a lock or small amount of hair, ashes from the cremation, birth I.D, photographs, preferred toys, or any unique item or object that was special to the bond you shared.

Ashes are sealed within a stunning red-coloured heart and positioned securely within the bear’s chest area. Leave a personalised written tribute embroidered to Teddy’s paws to make a lasting statement about how you feel or perhaps something you didn’t get to say.

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