Personalising your loved One’s Funeral Service

When a loved one passes, we often reflect on the wonderful life they had and remember certain traits that made them the person they were. These are the things we want our family, friends, and the community to have a lasting memory of when attending the funeral service. 

Arranging a funeral service is a challenging and emotional task, but the most important thing to consider is that it is a memorial to honour your loved one. So when you personalise a funeral service to what they valued in life and who they are as a person you create a unique memory that can be cherished forever.

Generally, when it comes to planning a funeral, we tend to rely on religious traditions to guide the process and provide a set framework of the service. Though religion is a very important consideration, we should also think of personal characteristics and other secular ways to reflect the person’s life. 

So, how we can personalise a funeral service? There are actually many unique ways of doing this, but here a couple just to get you started. 


If your loved one had a certain artist or band they adored in their lifetime, picking out their songs to use throughout the service is a great personalisation. Choosing music is an important aspect in funeral planning and it should speak to the character of your loved one and their life. If you need extra help with this, you can check out our music blog to find the right music for your service. 


Photographs and videos can be used within funeral services and are a great way to remember your loved one. Reflecting on fond memories through a carousel of photos and videos are a simple way of honouring them. Incorporating special objects or even posters that resonate with your loved one are another way to personalise visuals. Displaying their items and personal belongings on a table is a great expressive visual. 

Clubs and associations 

If you’re loved one was part of a club or association such as a sporting club, acknowledging this makes an excellent personalisation. An example could be to ask the guests to wear football jerseys to the funeral to honour their loved one’s passion for soccer. You may even ask a notable member of the club or association to speak at the service to show support and further involve the community. 


It is important to consider your loved one’s personality overall. Reflect on their approach to life and values and try to integrate these into the funeral service. One of the best ways to reflect on someone’s life is to share the happy times with your family and friends. If your loved one always had a positive and optimistic character, embed this throughout your decisions in funeral planning such as the selection of music or the way you present your eulogy. 

Here at Silver Dove, we take pride in our personalised keepsake Order of Service. This sets out the exact agenda for the funeral service and includes every personalised item such as songs, poems, prayers and most importantly, the booklet is themed with your loved ones’ favourite things in life. Whether they had a passion for golf, fishing or gardening, the booklet highlights the occasion and as suggested, is a keepsake. 

You can get creative with your personalisation’s, as long as it is reflective of your loved one and aligns with what they believed in. The options are truly endless with how you can make a funeral unique to your loved one and bringing this touching element will help guests honour their life.