It is a simple yet effective act. Petting a dog can provide relief for those that are feeling overwhelmed with emotions while coping with a loss.

Research has shown that petting a dog can increase a person’s mental health by raising “feel-good hormones” such as serotonin and dopamine, fostering happiness and lowering depression.

For such reasons, some funeral homes adopt therapy dogs to alleviate the stress and pain experienced by families during funeral planning and funeral services, whilst families have been known to bring dogs to funeral services themselves.

Helping Families Through Ruff Times!

Not only are they fluffy and gentle companions, but therapy dogs also have an innate ability to sense a person’s emotional needs. Through their unconditional love and support for humans, therapy dogs serve as the perfect comfort to promote health healing during turbulent waters.

From Our Family to Yours

Therapy dogs are just like family, which is why we’re always open to accommodating dogs during a funeral service to create a sense of extended family. This allows us to go above and beyond in our services and cater to each families individual needs.

The Comfort of Silence 

There are times where words are not needed for consolation, but the warm and welcoming presence of a dog may just be what you were looking for. Whether it is the nuzzle of their nose, their wagging tails or playful paws, therapy dogs can put anyone into high spirits.

After all, they don’t call dogs “a man’s best friend” for nothing.