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Losing a loved one can be very emotional and overwhelming, but we’re here to help you every step of the way. Have a look through our options below to help create a uniquely personal and beautiful Funeral service that honours your loved one’s life.

Brisbane Funeral Directors to Help with Your Arrangements


The organisation of a funeral can be very daunting and often overwhelming for families as it comes at a time of great emotional stress and grief. The role of our funeral directors is to guide and support your family during this period to achieve an arrangement that not only reflects the life of your loved one but attends to the very personal touches, requests and traditions that make the farewell unique and meaningful.

  • Service Location
    Church, Chapel, Private location of your choice
  • Farewell and Funeral Options
    Burial, Cremation, Memorial Service, etc
  • Notices
    Our website, The Courier Mail, Caboolture Herald, Sunshine Coast Daily, The Gold Coast Bulletin
  • Music
    Personal favourites, Tunes of memories, Last post, Reveille, etc
  • Booklets
    Orders of services, Thank you cards, Prayer cards, etc
  • Eulogies
    Recollection of personal memories, and loved ones life
  • Clergy/Celebrant
    Religious personnel, Pastors or Civil Celebrants
  • Coffin/Casket
    Select from our range of of high quality Coffins and Caskets
  • Viewing
    At a chapel, or designated viewing area or at our Viewing and Intimate Service Room
  • Floral Tributes
    Any flower(s) that have significant emotions to you and your loved one

In addition, family information regarding marriage date/place and children/s details of the deceased will be required for registration with Births, Deaths and Marriages.

We are able to offer options and assistance for you and arrange the specific requests on your behalf.

Each funeral is unique and very personal and costs are reflected by the choices and decisions the family make. Many options are available and are best discussed with your Funeral Director to achieve the ideal farewell whilst satisfying budgetary requirements. We are here to help and support you with these decisions.

*Finance is available upon application to assist with the costs associated in satisfying the families wishes for a funeral service.

Pre-arranging your wishes is a very thoughtful and accepted way to assist families to fulfill funeral requirements. Often there are details that only you can answer and this information can allow the family to be better informed and able to prepare an appropriate farewell. Pre-paid plans are very common and can be most helpful to reduce the monetary burden on the family. Silver Dove Funerals do not receive funds for pre-paid plans, we arrange on your behalf with a reputable Brisbane based Funeral Fund.


Call us to make an appointment to discuss your options
Our funeral directors provide services across Brisbane in suburbs including:


For a comprehensive list of parties that may need to be informed after someone’s passing please visit our Resources page


Cremations have become more popular in recent times. If a cremation is preferred, Silver Dove Funerals can arrange all the necessary details with the crematorium of your choice. Most crematoriums have a chapel that may be used for the service and often catering facilities are available if the family wish.

Children And Baby Services

At this very emotional and difficult time, we are here and able to provide a dignified memorial tribute or funeral service for a child or baby. Silver Dove Funerals are able to offer families a range of memorial options, including urns, memorial books, candles, hand and foot prints, as well as a Butterfly or Dove releases at the funeral or memorial service.

Returned Service Men/Women And Masonic Lodge/Clubs

It is always a privilege to pay tribute to our great servicemen and women. Chaplains and appropriate representatives can be arranged to meet the specific needs of each family and acknowledge the respective beliefs and wishes. We believe in offering our greatest respects to our returned service personnel and our family are able to provide the appropriate commemorative services to honour their service.

Eco-Friendly options

It is becoming more frequent that many people and their loved ones are choosing a greener, more refined farewell using our Eco-Friendly options that are available. Silver Dove Funerals provide ‘Eco Coffins’ that are made by natural products, that are by far more environmentally friendly. Whilst every effort is made there are times when a complete ‘Green Funeral’ is made difficult. With this in mind, our staff will source the best ways to provide you with a Greener Funeral and say farewell in a more natural manner. For more information on our Eco options, please click on the Eco-Friendly Options.

Additional information

A selection of seagrass, willow and wool woven coffins with all natural fibres and natural liners. Other selections are available, please discuss with your arranger.

Silver Dove Funerals offers a wide range of eco-friendly options. Below are just some of our range of Hand Woven & Wool coffins that we have available. Eco-Friendly caskets are a beautiful and natural solution to a difficult problem. We understand that in recent times, people are wanting to say “farewell” in a more environmentally friendly, alternative way and we have embraced this. Our eco range has been hand selected by Silver Dove Funerals> in order to provide you with an environmentally alternative farewell.

Willow is a carbon neutral material that only gives off the same amount of carbon that it consumes within it’s lifetime.  All of our Willow Caskets are completely natural and biodegradable. They break down in 6 months to 2 years depending on soil conditions. Willow coffins are woven and therefore do not depend on toxic glues, varnish, plastics, or metals.


Burial is a traditional option and a personal preference. For burials, we are able to provide advice and assistance if a new grave is required or, the family may have an existing plot. If your family does not already have a cemetery plot, our staff are able to advise you on cemetery locations for a suitable burial plot or crypt for your loved one.


Often the presence of a coffin can be overwhelming and stressful for the family. We can assist and organise the cremation of a loved one and, after collecting the ashes on your behalf, arrange a service to celebrate and honour the life of your loved one. For more information, please click the ‘Memorial’ heading above.


Often a loved one may wish to return to their land of origin or alternatively, be returned from overseas. If particular wishes have been discussed, it can greatly assist the family for the arrangements. Our experienced staff are able to attend to the necessary requirements by respective Authorities.

Cultural Service

We at Silver Dove Funerals understand that each and every culture has individual requirements and the needs are quite varied. We listen to your needs and, along with you, tailor a ceremony that is appropriate to your loved one’s beliefs, traditions, and values. We will assist to cater for every little detail to ensure that the passing of a loved one is a memorable experience. We will be happy to assist you with funeral arrangements during this time and help find the right solution. Silver Dove Funerals offer services across Forest Lake, Centenary and the wider Brisbane area.

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