In the past, it has been very common to gift a loved one who is grieving a bouquet of flowers and a card to show their sympathy. The more we learn about grief and loss the more we understand that our loved ones need more than sympathy, they need support. There are many ways to show your support to your loved ones in their grieving process, one of which is giving gifts that are unique and meaningful that also provide support.

Meal Delivery

When an individual is grieving, it is common for them to put their self-care as a low priority in regards to eating. Delivering home-cooked or restaurant bought meals are a great way to support anyone who is grieving. What says I love you better than your family’s secret lasagne recipe? If cooking is not your skillset, there are many other ways to deliver meals to your loved one. One of which, simply being ordering food from their favourite restaurant on Uber Eats or a similar platform, to be delivered to their door. There are also numerous meal kit delivery services such as Chef Good or You Foods that provide pre-made meals for the whole week. These could be a great option to subscribe your loved one to, in order to provide long-term support.


While nutritious eating is beneficial during a time of grief, chocolate is also a great gift to show your support. This is not only due to the sweet sensations it provides, but chocolate is also known as a depression fighter. This is because it contains over 700 chemical compounds that ignite happy chemicals in the brain. Thus, this eases anxiety, depression and sadness. These benefits are purely found from ceremonial cacao, which is chocolate without all the additives. Cacao helps our mind, sprit and body as without all the additives seen in your regular Cadbury bar, cacao becomes a superfood!

Grief Coach

Grief coaches are different to therapists, as they help you to create plans of action and focus on the future rather than focusing on the past. This is a great gift to someone to show your support in their emotional process, as it aids in giving your loved one momentum to move forward, when they are ready. This could be a great group gift idea where other family of friends can support by all purchasing a package of sessions for the grieving person.

Essential Oils

Did you know that essential oils support your nervous system through loss and grief? Essential oils are concentrated extracts from plants which have a potent smell to them. They are commonly combined with an oil in order to apply to your body or diffuse them in your house as a form of aromatherapy. This would be a great gift idea along with an essential oil diffuser to show your support for your loved. As essential oils will support their bodies to relax and find peace in an otherwise anxiety-inducing and numbing time of their lives.

House Cleaner

Sometimes, it’s the small things that mean the most. When you are grieving and have a messy house, this can often be a stressful experience. As it can be difficult to bring yourself to do these activities when you have a lost a loved one. By hiring a house cleaner for your loved one experiencing loss, this allows them to feel freshness in their home and shifts their energy.