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3/76 Sumners Road
Sumner QLD 4074


Where are you located?
We are located at 3/ 76 Sumners Rd, Sumner Park QLD 4074.
Are you registered?
Yes, we are registered.
What are your eco-friendly options?
Silver Dove Funerals is proud to provide an alternate option of funeral services across South East Queensland. We are one of a boutique selection of funeral homes in South East Queensland who offer an eco-green funeral service incorporating a selection of woven cane, seagrass and woollen coffins and caskets. A selection is available on our website.
What makes you different to other funeral homes?
At Silver Dove Funerals, family value is one of our core foundations. We work with you and give families the opportunity to feel they have done the best they can towards a final and fitting farewell. We are far more flexible and affordable, working to budgetary requirements while still delivering a memorable funeral service.
What if my family would like to officiate the funeral service?
We encourage family value through any funeral service. Although we must be aware that certain venues have very strict time frames, we encourage family involvement as much as we can. We endeavour to make everyone feel a part of this very special time to say goodbye to their loved ones. Particular venues can be used for longer more relaxed service times.
Do I need to have a full funeral service?

No. It is often the wish of the deceased to not have a service and perhaps have a small intimate memorial service within the family circle or alternately there may not be many families able to attend. Regardless of the circumstance, Silver Dove Funerals will provide a no service, no attendance farewell on your behalf and return the ashes to your family for safe keeping.

What if we want a different service?

We are very happy to help create the service of your special choosing whether it is a green or alternate theme; each funeral is a unique personal farewell and should be celebrated as your loved one and family wish. Any service can have subtle differences to reflect the individual more appropriately and we are here to assist you on that journey.

What is cheaper, burial or cremation?

Whilst burials have always been the traditional service farewell, it is very much a personal choice and as crematoria are more widely available now, cremation services have become more popular in recent times. The costing is far less for a cremation in comparison to a burial which requires a gravesite with the cost dependent on the location of the cemetery.

How long can we wait to have a funeral service?

There is no specific time frame allocated from the moment of death to the funeral service, however, a funeral service is usually carried out within a few days to a week of the passing. The circumstances surrounding the cause of death, if unexpected can often delay the process.

How much does a funeral cost?

The cost of a funeral service will vary depending on your needs and requirements for a service. There are many options available for your selection and this will determine the final costing. We are able to assist with all aspects in order to provide you and your family with a fitting tribute.

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