The holiday period, including Christmas can be an incredibly difficult and sad time after the loss of a loved one. The first Christmas after the loss of a loved one can be a tough time as it can bring back memories of the past. We’ve composed some coping strategies to help you navigate Christmas without your loved one.

Allow Yourself to Grieve

The anticipation of these big holiday events during the year can sometimes feel worse than the actual day itself. Therefore, the most important thing is recognising that the upcoming days or weeks will be difficult.

Be Kind to Yourself

Look after yourself emotionally and physically, as grieving can be exhausting. You may not feel up to socialising this Christmas, and that is okay. Spend time with yourself and have a moment of reflection to help you throughout the day. In contrast, perhaps you may like to start a new tradition or continue past ones in light of the memory of your loved one.

Reach out for Support

The Christmas period can be tough for a lot of people and chances are your family and friends are most likely experiencing the same emotions as you. Reach out to these people and gain support and sympathy from each other in order to get through this holiday period.

Talk about your Favourite Memories

Although it is difficult to celebrate holidays without your loved one, a great way to know that they are there with you is to talk about your favourite memories with them to others. Perhaps you could even light a candle for them or release a balloon in memory.